ZOOM session will be hosted from Shima City, Mie Prefecture, Japan.
The number of countries that can participate at the same time is limited to 3 countries.
Participants are required to speak English or join with an English interpreter.
The summit will be moderated the below sequence.

1. Introduction of your country (5 minutes, please provide videos or slides)
2. Issues and initiatives (15 minutes, please introduce any issues and initiatives that your country has)
- Please select one from the 5 topics to focus on.
- We ask one person per country to talk on the issues
3. Break Time (5 minutes, after the presentations from two countries)
4. Presentation of the host country Japan
5. Speeches from 3 experts (10 minutes each)
f. Q&A session (5 minutes)
6. Closure of the meeting
- Before we start, the communication status will be checked and the participant names will be read for the purpose of verification. (For more details, please see the participation guidelines which will be sent to you after application)
- We will start with a greeting from the organizer and introduce participants.

The final schedule will be settled after repeated discussions with related organizations and participants based on the desired date and time of the participating countries. (At this stage, it is scheduled to be between July 1st and December 10th, 2021)
The time required is about 120 minutes for two countries, and about 150 minutes
for three countries. In addition, the starting time will vary depending on the time difference between each country.

[Conditions of participation] * Abc order

Eligible Applicants: 19 island countries (Australia, Cook Islands, Republic of Fiji, Japan, Republic of Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Nauru, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niue, Republic of Palau, Papua New Guinea Independent Country, French Polynesia, Independent State of Samoa, Solomon Islands, Kingdom of Tonga, Tuvalu, Republic of Vanuatu)

Eligibility: Individuals, companies, groups, governments, high school students who live or come from the above eligible countries.

Number of Participants: 1 team per country, up to 5 people.
Required Equipment: Please prepare the conference software ZOOM and a stable internet environment.
- Meeting password will be sent after confirmation.

Participation Fee: Free

Remarks: If you have a promotional video or other contents you would like to share on this website, please send it in advance.

[Experts for the speech]
1st Session

Dr. Yasuhiro Kato Ph. D, (Chairman of General Incorporated Association Aqua Labo / Keio University, Major in water life science)
Mr. Koji Tounai (CEO of Oct Co., Ltd./Lecturer of Professional diver Training Center / Underwater photographer)
Mr. Kazufumi Takai (President of Apex International Co., Ltd./Member of PATA Japan Chapter)

1st Session

Mr. Katsumi Deguchi (President of Shima Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Shin Nishioi (President of Shima Tourism Association)
Mr. Taiki Hamaji (President of Sato Oyster Farm Ltd.)
Mr. Norihiko Tanabe (Managing Director of Rihachiya Co. Ltd.)
Mr. You Yamagiwa (Managing Director of ISESHIMA Tourism & Convention Organization)

1st Session
Mr. Toshiki Nakajima :Mie Prefectural Council Member
Mr. Takuya Shimomura :Shima City Council Membe
Ms. Chigusa Mukouhara :Emcee (Executive chairman of Office 1 to 10 Co. Ltd.)
Ms. Kazuki McLellani :Sequential interpretation
Ms. Hiroe Zarich :Interpreter assistance
Ms. Akiko Tanaka :Interpreter assistance
Mr. Haoran Guan :Interpreter assistance
Ms. Sachiko Shiomoto :Direction support r

About the distribution video of "Online Summit PAES2021"
* We are delivering the video held on October 28, 2021.
 Please click the YouTube title on the right to see it. YouTube

(1) Australia (implemented) October 28, 2021
(2) Republic of Palau (implemented) October 28, 2021

Future Events

Depending on the time, SDGs experts and other various guests from the fields of politics, business, performing arts and sports will be invited.

[Sponsors and Collaborators] * Random order
Mie Prefecture Auspices
Shima City Auspices and Support
Tourist Association of Shima City Auspices and Support
Shima International Exchange Association Auspices and Support
Shima Rotary Club Auspices
All-Japan Association of Photographic Societies(Shima branch) Auspices and Support
Shima Environmental Business Collaborate union Auspices and Support
Aqua Labo, a non-profit general incorporated association Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Oct Incorporated Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Apex International Co. Ltd. Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Office 1 to 10 Co. Ltd. Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Maruten Inc. (CEO. Yukiaki Tenpaku) Guidance, Providing video
Ikada sou Sanjo Traditional Inn Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Rihachiya Co. Ltd. (CEO. Norihiko Tanabe) Guidance, dispatch of instructors
Naoki Ito /Japanese calligrapher Guidance, Providing video & Photo
Masako Tanaka /Japanese calligrapher/Artist Providing video and photos
Kanan Sumiyoshi /Japanese calligrapher/Artist/animator Providing video and photos
Yasu Saito /Actor *Ise Ninja Kingdom Co. Ltd. Providing video and photos
Mai Arai (composition / arrangement) + Shikiori (composition) Providing music
Michiyo Miyashita /Diving instructor (Palau Pacific Divers) Local supporter
Idea collection LLC. (CEO. Toyonari Yamazaki) Management support
F.D.S Co., Ltd (CEO. Tomoyoshi Mukaimoto) Management support