"Thinking about the Future of People and the Earth" Online Summit

This event has been certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a commemorative project for the 9th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting.

Taking the opportunity of the 9th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM) being held in Japan, we will hold an online summit to discuss various issues for the future development of people and nature.

In the first session, we are going to have water specialists, underwater photographers who are familiar with seas and oceans, land operating company COO with a wide network among countries, as advisors to help develop ideas for solving problems in line with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
We will deliberate and seek solutions to the known and emerging problems together.

In addition, we hope participants, the heads of organizations, top executives of companies, researchers, NPOs, parliamentarians, and various other members, would lay the groundwork for future youth exchanges and business exchanges and build partnership among countries through this event.

This online summit is provided for both public and private sectors, and we hope you will take this opportunity to introduce your country, including tourism promotion.

[Summary of this event]
At the 7th PALM, as an initiative to address the priorities of the Pacific and island nations, it was decided to promote cooperation in the following seven fields for the next three years.
(1) disaster prevention (2) climate change (3) environment (4) human exchange (5) sustainable development (6) marine and fisheries (7) trade, investment, and tourism.

Taking the opportunity of the 9th Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM9), we will focus on five of the above seven fields, and introduce the initiatives and examples of issues we are facing.

This time, we will pick up the following five topics, and try to "visualize" specific problems.
・From the field of environment: "waste problems"
・From the field of human interaction: “networking”
・From the field of sustainable development: “water problems”
・From the fields of marine and fisheries: “fisheries” and “production”
・From the fields of trade, investment, and tourism: “tourism” and “industry”

[About scheduling]
The detail of the upcoming event will be decided according to the theme, time difference, and preferred date and time of applicants.

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